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Love and Heartbreak November 25, 2011

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Wrote this some time over the last week when I was bored in school. Wasn’t really sure what it was about until I wrote the last verse today. Still not entirely sure if it all fits together.


A single ice-white rose,

petals scattered on the floor.

A dirty footprint stamped on the scene,

and frozen tears.


A smashed picture:

His face, torn cleanly out.

Red blood

scattered on the drops of glass.


A rusty knife

dug deep into the table;

deep etches mark out

scars from previous fights.


A lipstick-stained letter,

faded through time,

and smelling faintly

of a masculine perfume.


Nail varnish,

spilled and smudged.

Left in a hurry

and quickly forgotten.


The remnants of a string of pearls;

loose beads stained with age

have been broken and scattered

across the blood red velvet tablecloth.


Pictures and memories.

All of them

from those last few precious days

before it ended.


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