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Tell Me Why (part 1) December 4, 2011

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These next few poems were written at the start of last year. They were just a way of getting my feelings out, so they’re not my best work.

Why her?
Why not me?
What makes her so special?
Tell me why.
All those texts –
Were they lies?
Everyone saying
You were talking about me
All day.
Did they lie?
Or were you
Lying then too?
Tell me why.
The hugs
The laughs
The smiles:
What were they for?
Tell me why.
Can’t you feel it too?
The electric touch
When you brush past;
The longing
When you’re not there.
Tell me why.
Ok, yeah, I’ll admit
She knows you better,
For longer too.
But maybe. . .
Don’t you believe
In love at first sight?
I do now.
Tell me why.

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