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Ghost April 20, 2012

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So I’ve decided to experiment with a new style, where I try and fit everything I went to say into four lines. I’m going to be posting a few examples of this, so let me know what you think. Does it work? If not, Why not? Should I just stick to longer poems? You tell me.

I’m going to freeze my tears

With my already-frozen heart.

And use the blocks of ice

To build a wall around my soul.

My dad guessed I was inspired by a song when I wrote this, which was right, but it wasn’t the song he thought it was, it was this one. I love the imagery used, and wanted to write something with similar sentiments but different ideas.


2 Responses to “Ghost”

  1. Ricky Barry Says:

    Excellent but don’t just stick to 4 line poems. Mix it up a bit

  2. David Eric Cummins Says:

    I’d never heard Cathy Davey before. What an amazing song! And your poem is excellent too 🙂

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