Me, Myself… And Everyone Else

Just a young Irish girl, looking for somewhere to share my poetry.

First Love May 4, 2012

And I know
He sees me only
As a friend –
Maybe even less.
A younger sister.

But what started off
As a few small flames,
Flickering among the balled up
Newspapers of my life,
Has been gently fed and fanned
By each kind word
And smile
He sends my way:

Until now
The blazing fireIs burning my small frame
And threatening to
Overcome it entirely,
Burst out,
And burn me up.

But for now
It is contained.
So I reach out to him
Of light.

Because he
Starts all my body thrumming
To the distant
Beat that is him.
And to me he feels like
The end of the week.


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