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Vanity May 4, 2012

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Ok, so I’m starting a new series of poems called Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Heavenly Virtues. Basically it’s what I imagine these would be like personified. They are all eighteen lines long, because that’s the number of lines in the notebook I was writing them in. I hope you like them.

She holds her head high:
Dark lashes frame
Exquisite green eyes.
She strives to perfect
Her perfections. She
Throws caution to the wind
As she aims ever higher.
And yet,
For all her great achievements
She has not one ounce
Of humility. While the
Winds of bravery and
Adventure blow her auburn locks,
She wants to shout out
“I did this!”
And carve her initials on the
Face of the earth
So everyone can tell she was there.

I will release these maybe one or two a week, until I have all fourteen up. I have a few more written, but I don’t want to put them all up at once, and a few of them need editing/revision. Maybe if I get enough comments or likes though, I will publish one of the ones I’m happy with… Who knows?



2 Responses to “Vanity”

  1. fivereflections Says:

    looking forward to your new series
    David in Maine USA

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