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Together We Can Make a Difference June 13, 2012

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This is just a series of short poems I wrote for a competition. The poems had to be eight lines or less, and inspired by the line “together we can make a difference.” I wrote three in total.
I’m trying out something new, namely blogging from my phone, which hopefully will mean I’m able to update more regularly. It also means that I am woefully lacking in options to make my posts easier on the eye. And hopefully autocorrect won’t mess up anything too badly. So I apologise in advance for the dreadful states I’m sure my posts will be.


Said the hydrogen atoms
To the oxygen atom:
I know that I’m
A flammable gas,
And that you
Are necessary to create fire.
But if we work together
We can make something beautiful.

Building Blocks

If we all
Took the time
To place
Just one brick.

We would soon
Have a whole wall built.


I felt so alone.
Lost in myself.

My wings had been clipped.
I was unable to fly.

Until you slid in next to me,
close. And whispered in my ear,

as you held my hand in yours:
“Together we can make a difference.”


That’s all three of them, I hope you enjoy!


6 Responses to “Together We Can Make a Difference”

  1. beebeesworld Says:

    It is especially creative to make profound comments in just a few words-very nice!

  2. Nice little snippets, Maisy. And the post is in no way messed up – all looks good – a couple of minor typos but some peeps do those anyway.

    I like the first one best – what a great description 🙂

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