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Skitter-Skatter October 9, 2012

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First, I would like to apologise. I know that whatever I say will not be even close to enough, so I’ll try and keep it simple.

I had a very busy summer. It was full of all sorts of hectic outings and plans, and I just wasn’t able to find time to write. And then when summer was over, I was out of habit, so I never started writing again. But here I am now, and hopefully here I’ll stay, updating at least once a week.


And yet she

Is still climbing.

What she climbs towards?

This distant goal

Has long been obscured

By a dense cloud,

Green and blue,

Of jealousy and misery.

Maybe one day

Her foot will slip

And she will fall,


‘Til she hits the ground.

I hope you like it, and once again sorry it’s been so long.


Quick Update June 10, 2012

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So as the title says, this is just a quick update, so you don’t think I’ve died, or forgotten about you.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have changed the name of the blog. This is just so it has the same title as my last blog. Of course, if anyone has any other suggestions, I would be happy to take them on board. This is the ‘working title’, I guess you could call it.

Now, for why I haven’t been posting for so long: I had exams, and I was just so busy and stressed out about those that I really had no time to write. I did finish them last week, with my last exam, French, on Friday 1st. I promised myself I would start posting as soon as I could, but last week has just been so hectic I couldn’t find the time. Now however it looks like I’m going to have a less hectic week. If I get a chance I’ll post something up later today, if not I’ll have something by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest, I promise.

And finally on to an exciting piece of news! I finally got around to starting up a new blog. You can find it here. Basically, what I am doing with it is reading through books, and posting my reaction to each chapter. At the moment I’m doing Eragon, so don’t check it out unless you’ve read the book, as there will be spoilers.

That’s it! I look forward to starting to post again.



Old Posts May 6, 2012

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Okay, so I’ve noticed that my old poems that I brought over from my Blogger haven’t been getting any views. I think the reason for this, which I completely understand, is that people don’t want to go looking back through all my archives. However, some of those poems are really great. So I’ve gsthered together here some of the best ones. I hope you like them!

My first freeverse


Nobody’s Perfect

The first poem I ever published online

My Darkest Time

Star Light, Star Bright




And All My Old Stuff Is Now On This Blog… April 24, 2012

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So, I worked out how to transfer the old posts from my Blogger account to this one. I’m going to be going back and editing all those posts before I put up anything new. Meanwhile, if you want to, check out my older poems. Or head over to where they are from originally, and look at them there.