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Another Language October 14, 2012

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She watches him from afar:

Careful glances slyly stolen

When she thinks no one is looking.

She observes him:

With the wariness of a lioness on the hunt,

Praparing to strike.

She hopes to someday make contact.

The first meeting of two different species.

Perhaps over time

They might learn to understand each other

Because right now he is speaking in a foreign language.


We Are Like Sparrows

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She is a sparrow.

She longs to be free,

Stretch her wings

Over some glorious expanse.

But he wants

To keep her locked up.

Cramp her wings

With iron bars.

He doesn’t understand

Her need for freedom.

And so over time

She begins to lose her wings.

Her feathers moulted,

If you saw her now

You would not recognise her.

Her cries are silenced.

He has murdered her through misunderstanding.


Tell Me Why (part 1) December 4, 2011

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These next few poems were written at the start of last year. They were just a way of getting my feelings out, so they’re not my best work.

Why her?
Why not me?
What makes her so special?
Tell me why.
All those texts –
Were they lies?
Everyone saying
You were talking about me
All day.
Did they lie?
Or were you
Lying then too?
Tell me why.
The hugs
The laughs
The smiles:
What were they for?
Tell me why.
Can’t you feel it too?
The electric touch
When you brush past;
The longing
When you’re not there.
Tell me why.
Ok, yeah, I’ll admit
She knows you better,
For longer too.
But maybe. . .
Don’t you believe
In love at first sight?
I do now.
Tell me why.

Unfinished Poem One

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Wink wink
Smile smile
Brush past
Stop a while.
Whisper whisper
Snatched words.
Quiet quiet
No one heard.
Although you know it’s never going to happen.
Although you know it’s just not meant to be.
You dare to hope
And dream and hope.
[To be continued]
Not sure how I want to end this one… So I’m just going to leave it like this for now.


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Wrote this a year or two ago, but never really finished it. I think I wrote it around a time when I was feeling particularly isolated from the people around me.

Trying too hard.
Always wrong.
Trying to stay afloat.
Getting sucked down
Into the whirlpool of

My Darkest Time October 22, 2011

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This comes from the idea that everyone experiences everything differently, so you never really know what someone else is going through.

“I know how you feel.”
You don’t.
You’ve never been so close
you can feel the tingling
in your fingertips and toes
and then feel it whoosh past
your cheek
as you just miss it.
You haven’t had his fingers
ghost over your cheek,
as if he was going to grab you
and kiss you
only for him to
stroke your cheek and tell you:
“Let’s be friends
You’ve never had your heart
lifted up
higher than you even thought was possible
only for it to come
crashing back down,
Until it hits the ground
You haven’t gone out
and sat by the lake
until the darkness
of the night creeped in;
until the empty place where
your heart
used to be has frozen over,
and you have a brand new
heart of ice.
And you have never
waited out the patient
days and weeks
and months and years
until the ice melted
and then he came along
and shattered it
So how can you say
you know how I feel?

Angel&&Devil September 23, 2011

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A freeverse poem I wrote a while ago. Based on the style of Harry Potter Fanfiction freeverse.
and I know I’ll never make it to
and I know you’re safe from
and all I can
t h i n k
is that I can
be with you
and I can
hold you close and
tell you it’s going to be
because it won’t be, and now
you are
c r y i n g
(and I just want to hold you)
and now you are
b r e a k i n g
(and all I want is for you to be safe)
but I  k n o w
*heaven* and _hell_
can never be
but I am still going to try
and even when I give up trying
my arms will still be <open>
m a y b e
if _hell freezes over_
me&&you can be <together again>
UPDATE: I also published this on Check it out.