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Kindness October 15, 2012

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Finally, on to the first of the virtues in my Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Heavenly Virtues. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve decided to look at how, if you take these virtues to their extremes, they can actually be considered negative. I also have a page up the top, so if you want to you can easily view all of this series together.

She’s always there
To hold your hand,
Wipe the sweat from your brow,
And kiss it better.
Her smile calms storms.
Her arms are always open
For a hug.
She doesn’t care
Who the hand she holds
Belongs to.
It doesn’t matter to her
What face is behind
The problem she has to solve.
She treats all equally.
Soothes all regardless.
But who will pick her up
And kiss her injuries away,
When she falls?


We Are Like Sparrows October 14, 2012

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She is a sparrow.

She longs to be free,

Stretch her wings

Over some glorious expanse.

But he wants

To keep her locked up.

Cramp her wings

With iron bars.

He doesn’t understand

Her need for freedom.

And so over time

She begins to lose her wings.

Her feathers moulted,

If you saw her now

You would not recognise her.

Her cries are silenced.

He has murdered her through misunderstanding.


Envy October 10, 2012

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Finally, a return to my Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Heavenly Virtues series! I know it has been long enough. In part this was because I was having a really hard time writing Envy and Lust. I just couldn’t be happy with them. And although admittedly they are still both nowhere close to how I want them to be, they are still a lot better than before. Hopefully I’ll have Lust up soon.

It is like a disease.
Desire she has.
Yet it is not Lust.
She desires that
Which is not hers to take.
She only wants him
Who does not belong to her.
And so
In this way,
By desiring only
That which she cannot have,
She resigns herself
To a life
With misery.

Very different from any of my original drafts. I hope you like it.


Word of the Day 2: Imponderable June 14, 2012

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And as she searched
The imponderable depths
Of the cinereal ocean
From the safety of the ship,
Her gaze was caught
By something glistening
Deep down in the farthest depths.

Amongst the ashy battlegrounds
Of the distant sea bed,
One small, golden fish
Was swimming, dreamlike.
Gentle eddies spread out,
As he shaped the water, like putty,
Forming infinite, intricate shapes
Around his slender, lithe body.

As she watched, content
To dream away the sunny afternoon,
She sensed a disturbance
In the water’s peaceful aura.
Yet the little fish swam on,
Blissfully unaware, it seemed,
Of his impending doom.

She stifled back a cry:
The hapless fish would
Not hear her anyhow,
And it would simply alert
The adults on the boat,
Who might try to drag her away
From the scene unfolding below her.

So she simply sat and watched,
As a larger, dull-scaled fish
Crept up on the smaller, prettier beast.
As he crept ever closer
She, in her innocent mind,
Imagined the larger animal
Was simply jealous.

After the larger fish
Had swallowed the smaller whole,
She, bored now, wandered off,
And rejoined the adults
On the upper deck.

My, aren’t we being fancy today? For anyone who doesn’t know, cinereal simply means grey, and imponderable means, in this case, immeasurable. I hope you like it. It has to be one of the longest poems I have ever written, so well done if you got all the way down here! I actually read through the whole post this time, so hopefully there will be less typos. Enjoy!


Word of the Day 1: Mewl June 13, 2012

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Another new thing I’ve decided to try out is a poem a day inspired by this word of the day. Today’s word is ‘mewl’.

What do you do
When the innocent mewl
Of your starving child
Is the only thing
That keeps you sane?

Though you’re losing your mind,
The poor darling child
Serves to remind you
You’re not the only one
In pain here.


Together We Can Make a Difference

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This is just a series of short poems I wrote for a competition. The poems had to be eight lines or less, and inspired by the line “together we can make a difference.” I wrote three in total.
I’m trying out something new, namely blogging from my phone, which hopefully will mean I’m able to update more regularly. It also means that I am woefully lacking in options to make my posts easier on the eye. And hopefully autocorrect won’t mess up anything too badly. So I apologise in advance for the dreadful states I’m sure my posts will be.


Said the hydrogen atoms
To the oxygen atom:
I know that I’m
A flammable gas,
And that you
Are necessary to create fire.
But if we work together
We can make something beautiful.

Building Blocks

If we all
Took the time
To place
Just one brick.

We would soon
Have a whole wall built.


I felt so alone.
Lost in myself.

My wings had been clipped.
I was unable to fly.

Until you slid in next to me,
close. And whispered in my ear,

as you held my hand in yours:
“Together we can make a difference.”


That’s all three of them, I hope you enjoy!